Saturday, April 12, 2008

The "e-mail man"

So this is how I know my children are growing up in a different world than I did...

The "e-mail man."
- Every day when the mailman delivers mail, my girls see him out the window and say, "There's the email man!! He left us some email!"

- How they say their names. When someone asks them what their name is, often my two oldest girls will say, "I'm Betty!" (name changed) :) They often call me!!

- Yesterday, my 4-year-old sat down at the computer for some much-desired computer time...she'd worked hard on school things so she'd earned a few minutes to play. She clicked on a game she hadn't played before, and Mickey Mouse prompted her to type in her name. My ears perked up and I looked over just in time to see my 4-year-0ld type her name in correctly all by herself! I was floored.


So I think will probably be taking computer class from her 4-year-old by next year. :)


Anonymous said...

You could be franchised,! :) I wonder if that's already a website...

You have extraordinarily smart children. I could pay them to teach my employees a thing or two!! :)

kannie said...

No KIDDING!!!!! What a brilliant little girl (all four, of course, but most pertinently, the one typing her name!) you have!!! :-)

And yes, it's a completely different world...Kiddo's learning his alphabet from Elmo and his fridge magnets. He loves "Elmo worm," "Elmo ice," and "Elmo star" in particular! Hope and get some good sleep tonight! No e-mail-man tomorrow! ;-)

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

hahahahhahaahaaha :)