Tuesday, April 15, 2008

To all ants: "Move along, nothing to see here!"

This morning I wondered where all the girls were all of a sudden. I could hear them giggling in the kitchen. I went in to see a large cookie sheet on the floor, and the girls each had a spoon in hand. There was about 1/2 of a bag of powdered sugar on the cookie sheet and surrounding floor (not to mention girls). In addition, pieces of bread were torn up and mixed into the powdered sugar. It was a horrible mess...and of course the blood pressure started to raise a bit. :) But I took a deep breath and tried to smile as I asked, "What are you doing?"

"Making cookies!!" they shouted, beaming faces covered in sticky white powder. My heart softened and I remembered that they're only going to be kids once. :) Might as well be a good time. :)

But did I mention that they were all naked?

Any time we get a bit of dirt or water on us, the clothes must come off! (Thank goodness we grow out of that eventually.) So I walked a little closer to start trying to clean up, and my socks got soaked instantly.

"What's so wet on the floor?"

"She peed!" They pointed at the culprit...the one who had taken off her diaper. (Like she does every 5 minutes.)

OKAY. Time to clean up. So I told them they made lovely cookies, but it was time to wash ourselves off, and asked them to get up and walk to the bathroom. One little girl got up, started to walk with powdery feet across the floor, hit the pee puddle, and fell right back down in it. She laughed hard and said, "Oooo, slippery pee!"

By then we're all laughing, and as dad tries to clean the girls, mom tries to clean the floor. I've mopped it not once, not twice, but THRICE now. Who knew that powdered sugar mixed with bread, pee, and Mr. Clean would make such an incredibly sticky film? So I'm off to mop again.

After I mop the dining room, that is...I give another child prune juice daily, and all moms can I'm sure understand exactly why :), and she spilled it while I was mopping the kitchen for the second time. So now we have sticky brown floor in here that I've tried to get up twice now.

I'm just praying the ants don't find us.


chantilita said...

I think ants are scared of pee, so you may be ok... lol :)

kannie said...

Oh, that makes the Ovaltine seem like NOTHING... and if only I were more thorough, we wouldn't still have some under the stack of folding chairs ;-). Our message to the ants is very similar, of course, but you have a much stronger case! :-)

Kirk said...

And so, I presume this is one episode that will not be documented in pictures? Reality TV, or probably even SuperNanny, just can't quite imitate the joys of real life.

Ann said...

ha ha! Yes, sadly, in all the stickiness I forgot to grab the camera :)

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

I just want you to know that I laughed out loud several times as I was reading this post :). Yay for you for keeping your cool and recognizing a funny situation! I try to keep that perspective every day when I work with preschool kids. Otherwise, we'd all go crazy! No one makes me laugh like kids do. I just love the way their minds work!
Thanks for giving me a good chuckle :)

Ann said...

any time! :)