Monday, May 12, 2008

A blue thing!!!

My oldest daughter has such a kind little heart. She loves to visit with people, and seems to gravitate towards sweet, lonely ladies at church. She'll sit with them and ask them questions and tell them all about what's on her mind.

Last Sunday, as she sat next to a woman who was down the row from us, she noticed her veins in her hands. They were more pronounced, naturally, as she was an older woman. My daughter asked, "What are those blue things in your hands?" The lady told her that they were just there because she was really old.

The next day, my daughter was looking at my hands and noticed that I had "blue things," as well. She told me how sorry she was that I was getting really old. :)

Tonight, as we were getting pj's on, she looked down at her belly and shrieked.

"A blue thing!!!"

It took a moment to calm her down and explain to her that just because she had a "blue thing," it didn't mean that she was getting really old all of a sudden! :)

So we had a mini science lesson before bedtime, all about veins, or "vaings," as my daughters called them. :)


kannie said...

Oh!!! *cute-inspired chuckling* What a sweetie! Learning is a wonderful thing... *full* learning is even better, huh? ;-)

chantilita said...

Wow... Kids are great lol :) That made my morning!! What a sweetheart lol

What cute kids you have :) I bought a Hello, Kitty! coloring book yesterday to throw in "the box" for everyone... that will eventually be sent lol. But anyway, I'm coloring a few pages, too, so that I can color with the girls lol :)

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

That is so precious!! I'm so glad you're writing all these stories down. Your kids will get a kick out of it down the road :)

I'm in BIG trouble because I have lots of "blue veings!"