Friday, May 16, 2008

Praying the ants don't find us, part 2

This morning I was on the phone with yet another dr.'s office. It was an excessively annoying call, but should have been a brief one. I gave the girls their pancakes and went into the kitchen to better hear the woman on the phone. The phone call lasted much longer than I had planned, but the girls were being quiet and pleasant, so I thought all was fine. I was happy that they were eating their pancakes.

When I finally went back into the dining room, I did see plates empty of pancakes. A quick survey of the table revealed, however, that the brand-new bottle of syrup was almost empty and that their little paper plates were now overflowing with it! The syrup was running all over the table, dripping onto the floor and through every crevice in the table. My pale little girls were now brown little girls. As I picked up the plates to run them to the trash, they lost structural integrity and poured syrup all over the dining room, kitchen, and all toys on the floor in those two rooms.

I asked the girls to go to the bathroom and wash themselves off. They listened well and came back after a few minutes. They were still sticky everywhere else, but at least their hands were diluted. After scrubbing down the floors and chairs and table for the first of what I am sure will be many times today, I went to help one of the girls in the bathroom, and there I saw syrup handprints everywhere. The sink, the counter, the walls, you name it.

Now it's the prune juice time of day. Don't worry ants, we'll keep you thriving. :)


chantilita said...

You know, the same thing happens to me every time I use syrup! :) Which I've discovered is amazing when marinated on pork chops with chopped apples :)

Sorry about the long doctor call. That's frustrating. :(

On another note, I'm watching the West Wing, and here is your quote for the night:

"A woman, a fine stew, and the Mets game on TV--you see how I slipped that last one in there?"

...and the phone goes in the stew! :) "I'm sorry honey, that was an accident. There's a pay phone on the corner--but it's been out of order for awhile now..."

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

Syrup is the worst to clean up! They need to make a magic syrup cleanser, because I'm sure many people now have arthritis from scrubbing the same spot over and over again, only to come back ten minutes later to still find residue :)