Thursday, June 26, 2008

The bad luck panties

I'm not a superstitious person. Not at all.

But this little pair of underwear (why on earth do we call them pairs??) is starting to make me wonder. This tiny little article of clothing almost convinces me to believe in hocus pocus.

Every single time one of my girls wears these, they have an accident. They are super stretchy, so every girl can wear them, from the 2-year-old to the 5-year-old. It doesn't matter who it is. There is ALWAYS an accident when this little pair of underwear is worn.

At times, in desperation, I have almost thrown them out. But for some reason, I have some sort of glitch in my brain that won't let me throw something out when it's dirty. It has to be washed first. (Yes, I know it's crazy.)

So then they are washed and fresh and clean, and they look harmless enough. I decide to give them another try. I fold them and put them on the veeeery bottom of the underwear pile. "We'll only use them if we absolutely need a pair of panties," I tell myself.

If we absolutely need a pair of panties. Who am I kidding? I have three little girls who need panties!

But without fail, no matter who wears them, we have an accident happen. Now I know that accidents happen, but I have never seen anything quite like this before.

Tonight I washed them again. Update later on whether or not I was strong enough to throw away the bad luck panties.


kannie said...

ROTFL!!! I have the same glitch in my brain - so far, it's not accident undies, but rather holey socks, LOL. Here's to tossing them tonight!!! :-)

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

Oh no!! But it looks so cute and innocent... Undies gone wild!!!

And, I've often wondered why we call them a "pair" as well. Same with pants...

chantilita said...

LOL I have the same problem with this dress of mine! Well, I mean, I don't have accidents, but it is cursed or something. It's a doomed dress. And it's a beautiful dress! But every time I wear it, something bad happens..... Dum dum dummmmmm!! (insert ominous soundtraack here)

Bobby said...

hilarious!!! i love your stories of the daily happenings of your family. and yes, i want to talk...thanks for your email.