Monday, June 23, 2008

Crazy old dad!

This morning Matt was looking at a flyer for kid's toys, and was stunned to see that one toy geared to 6-year-olds had "expandible memory" slots. He looked at our 5-year-old, hugged her, and said, "Don't grow up too fast!"

She laughed, hugged him back, and said, "Dad, I have to. Crazy old dad!" She laughed and ran off.

So he hugged the 3-year-old and said the same thing, "Don't grow up too fast!"

She just laughed.

Watch out, daddy! :)

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Nicole said...

i'd love to see that "crazy old dad!" how great it is to see your whole family and try to get to know your girls through your blog. let's talk again... please! :)