Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rolling is serious business

Today the baby rolled over for the first time! It was very exciting for us all! Here are some action shots of the exciting event:

"I heard you want me to roll over. I'm not so sure how I feel about that."

"Do you understand what you're asking?"

"Rolling is serious business, mom!"

"If I roll I get to be big? What you say intrigues me."

"Let's give it a try!"
Pardon the mommy may want to turn the speakers down. :)

"Yeah!!! Bring on kindergarten."

"Whew. Rolling is serious business."


kannie said...

Oh, yay!!! What a big girl she's getting to be! :-) So ADORABLE, too!!! What an accomplishment :-). And the "mommy shriek" is great!!! Not bad at all! :-)

kannie said...

Oh - and to quote Kiddo, "More Baby [cousin]!!!" :-)

kannie said...

(thought I should post what Kiddo's comment means, LOL - he wants to watch the movie again, LOL...)

Ann said...

That's so cute!! LOL :) Glad he enjoyed it!

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

Yahoo!!!! I love these big moments in life!! She's so funny with all the grunting and hard work- looks like chewing on those fingers helped propel her over!! And don't worry- I shrieked with you!!