Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The hippos

Tonight my 2-year-old kept telling me something:

"I got the hippos."

The what? I couldn't figure out what hippos she was talking about. We lost our toy hippos from our little Noah's ark about a year ago, and couldn't think of any other possible hippos in our house. But she kept insisting that she had hippos. She'd leave and then come back and tell me again, rather insistently.

I was pretty baffled until a few minutes later when she came and said it again. "I got the hippos! [hiccup]"

I laughed pretty hard while I went to get her a drink of water to help with those hippos!! :)


kannie said...

LOL!!! Yeah, those hippos are frustrating, huh? ;-) Hope she was able to get rid of them soon! :-)

chantilita said...

ROTFL LOLOLOL Wow... I get those sometimes, too :)

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

LOL- that's hilarious! Spencer gets the hippos all the time and he does NOT like them at all.