Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mother may I?

The other day, we were having one of those moments where I needed to find something to fill the time for a few minutes, so I started to try to teach the girls how to play "Mother May I?"

The older girls kind of got it, and the younger did not at all, and it was over in a few minutes anyway. But the lasting funny thing has been that since then, they keep calling me "mother may I," instead of mom! :)

They are just fascinated with turning pictures different colors, and today my oldest came up to me and said, "Mother may I, can we turn a picture blue?" So here it is. :)


matt said...

Very cute girls!

I Love you 'mother may I' ;o)

kannie said...

You sure are a good "Mother May I!" :-) What a cute bunch of girls!

chantilita said...

Aww... I miss the munchkins, Mother May I! :) (And you, too lol)

Cute picture!! :)

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

I LOVED that game as a kid! And the blue picture is sweet :)