Thursday, July 24, 2008

Not so good?

Today after my 5-year-old finished her handwriting practice, she asked me if she could turn her handwriting paper into a paper airplane. I said sure. She didn't quite know what to do, so she ran to ask her dad to help her. I stopped her, as Matt had just closed his eyes for a five minute nap after working really hard on a few things this morning. I told her that I would help her. :)

She studied me for a minute. I could see the wheels turning in her mind: "Does my mom really know how to make an airplane?" After a few moments, she agreed. As I started to fold, I could see her shifting her weight and breathing with uncertainty. I looked at her, and she seemed concerned. "Are you not making it right, mom?" she asked. I laughed and said I was sure it would be fine.

When I finished, I handed it to her, and she said, "Poor mom. Are you not so good at making airplanes?"

I tried not to laugh as I told her that I had done the best I could. :) She went to try to fly it and show her sisters, and what do you know? It actually flew! She got very excited and shouted to her sisters, in total amazement, "Hey guys!! Mom knows how to make airplanes!!"


kannie said...

LOL! Great job with the airplane! (Mine always dive-bomb the floor...) - and *especially* good job under such PRESSURE!!! And you're so patient - what a great Mommy :-).

chantilita said...

Isn't it funny that she's only 5 and already only boys can make a good airplane? Wait 'til she pulls some newfound airplane skills out of her sleeve in primary some day! That'll teach those silly boys... lol ;)

matt said...

I am a witness that Ann can build good paper airplanes; Ashley was flying that thing all over the house through ceiling fans and all! :o)

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

How cute :). You gotta love those little self esteem boosters! Way to go mom!