Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oh, what do you do in the summertime?

Today our littlest one had a pretty big day! It was her first time to get in the pool with her sisters!

She has watched and been so sweet every time I've let the girls in, and lately has started to kick with excitement and seem to want to leap in there with them! So today she got her chance. :)

After some adjusting, she loved it!! :) She splashed to her heart's delight.

Her sisters did a very good job of trying really hard not to splash her back! :)

The girls love to make footprints on the cement when we get out! :)


Nicole said...

i love the close up of eden. how beautiful. is it pretty hot there?

Ann said...

It's been very warm, but today wasn't quite as bad! hooray! :)

kannie said...

Congrats to Baby!!! :-) Love those gorgeous eyes... and #3's curls are getting SOOO long, aren't they?!?! 1 & 2 almost look like twins now, which is so funny - my sister and I always got mistaken for twins, and we could never understand it... but now I'm beginning to! ;-)

You look gorgeous, as well, I might add! ;-)

chantilita said...

Aww, great! :) That's awesome! :) And look at your great yoga arms!! :)

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

Look at those baby blue eyes!! And, her little chubby rolls are to die for! It just makes me want to squeeze her!