Sunday, July 27, 2008

A peaceful day

Things have been so stressful for our family lately. Yesterday we decided that we needed a day away from it all, just for a little while. We went to the zoo as a family and had a wonderful time together. I have found no greater joy than in the moments we share in happiness in our family. I think one of my favorite things to see at the zoo is actually the other families! I feel such hope when I see families happy and enjoying being together.

The flowers are always so lovely this time of year!

We went into the butterfly house, and that was magical.

I love Matt so very much! He makes every single day, and every single thing, wonderful. :)

Teeth, anyone?

I love these girls. :)

I feel that my husband and children are the five most perfect and choice people ever created. I am so honored to have them all in my family! :)


chantilita said...

What a fun day!! You look so great!! :) What a perfect little family :) I love you guys!!

kannie said...

What beautiful little butterflies! :-) The zoo is such a great place...

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

What a fun day! I love the zoo :). That first picture of you is gorgeous! And, I love the last picture of all your girls. Your little baby has the cutest cheeks ever!!!