Friday, August 1, 2008

Let's go fly a kite!

We made kites today, and it was so fun, I just had to post a few pictures!! :)


matt said...

I'm so glad they worked, and looks like the girls loved it :o) Way to go, great mom! ;o)

chantilita said...

How fun! I haven't flown a kite in a long time :)

Ann said...

TARA!!! I see you catching up on my blogs!! LOL :) So I thought I'd leave you a little note, that's a couple ahead of you. :) hee hee

How are you feeling? Is the mastitis any better?? That is so very miserable. :( I love you so much and I miss you!!


Ann said...

PS - It means a lot that you are catching up on everything. Thanks!! :) Love ya!

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

Ah!! How did I miss this comment??! I'm glad I caught your next comment :) You caught me blog stalking you...hooded sweatshirt and all!

I'm doing much better today. I still have a bit of a fever, but I've been resting and sleeping when I can. That first night was really rough- 104 temperature, uncontrollable shakes for hours, and close to passing out a few times :(. Yay for antibiotics!