Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Speaking of Yoga... :)

I must say, I am humbled and grateful and completely astonished at the success of our MommYoga videos. I am so grateful! It has been amazing!

Once the videos all started doing really well, it was a strange sensation for me... one that is hard to describe. I expected to be ecstatic beyond belief, and I was in part, but there was another feeling, too... it was really difficult to describe. I have been able to figure it out since, and it has been an interesting phase of life for me. The feeling was almost one of discomfort, even guilt. People I knew started to see me differently, like I floated around in a meditation cloud of tranquility all the time. I felt guilty because I was afraid that I was being dishonest in some way, that through gaining success in my yoga ventures, I was painting a picture of myself for people that was inaccurate. Though I do strive for peace constantly, I am human and don't always do the best job. (That's an understatement. ) But yoga does help me tremendously, which is why I made the videos in the first place, to try to share that with others.

I've since come to terms with it, and realized that people are always going to have impressions of other people that may not be accurate. :) I never try to present a version of myself that is different from what I really am, but I do strive for improvement and progression. So that's me. :) And I'm happy that they're doing so well! The reviews that I have gotten, both from kind loved ones and from people I don't even know, have been so touching to me. It means I did what I set out to do, in all my wild other people feel better!


kannie said...

YAAAAAAAAAAY ANN!!! :-) I'm so glad they're doing well! I understand the "feeling guilty for success" and stuff... not that I have any nearly successful ventures to talk about, but just life in general, LOL. But I think that's one of the things we're supposed to learn in this life, maybe - that we don't have to be perfect to be of tremendous value and importance (and HELP) to others! :-) We love you tons and wish you exponential, continued success!!! :-)

Ann said...

Thank you! That's very kind! :)

chantilita said...

That's so great!!! Look at you!!!!! :) :) I'm SO proud of you!!!!!

Ann said...

TARA!! You are going too fast. :) I posted something for you to see a few posts back, but I think I missed you! I left you a note to see while you are being so sweet and going through my blog (which is SO nice of you to do!!)!! I love you and I miss you!!! I hope so much you are feeling better! I think about you all the time :) Love ya!! :)

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

hahahaha I just laughed out loud at your comment. You caught me!!! I knew you'd laugh when you saw how many blog comments I was leaving... I'm a little behind... But I love reading your blogs and I'm glad I finally have some time to catch up while the wee one is asleep :)

And I am SO happy that your videos are doing well!! I'm so proud of you for following your dreams. That is such a huge accomplishment! You should not feel guilty in the slightest. You SHOULD receive some success after all the hard work you've put in. And, thanks again for sending me some videos. Can't wait to get started (once I get all healed up and stuff :)