Monday, August 4, 2008

Such a big girl!!

Our 5-year-old has been working really hard for a while now on a deal that she made with her daddy to earn a bike. She has wanted a bike for so long. Last night, she finally made it! So this morning, she and daddy had a special date and went out to get her bike!

I wish this video was a little higher quality on blogger, so you could see her huge smile!! :)

(Hopefully you can read this...she was sitting on the bike while writing it, so it may not be the clearest!) :)


chantilita said...

That's so great!! :) How exciting!! Hooray Ashley! :)

kannie said...

*sniffle* That is so awesome. I love her thank-you card from her perch atop the bike, too - what a sweet, sweet, girl! :-)

matt said...

Great job Ashley! I'm so proud of you for finishing our deal that we made! You are very smart, and 'Thank You' for the letter! - Dad

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

What a sweet thank you note! YAY for bikes!