Monday, September 1, 2008

Food, glorious food!

Well, tonight was a big night for our baby. :) She had her first bites of food tonight! I cannot believe she is old enough. :) But she loved it, and we had a great time feeding her. Her sweet daddy fed her the very first bites of food she's ever had, which meant a great deal to me, since soon we will be apart for a little while. As you can see from the pictures, she had a wonderful time! :)

The "first bites" are always so exciting, yet bittersweet for me, because up until now, every single bit of nourishment she has had has come from me. That is always a wonderful feeling for me, and always a teensy bit sad when they start on food, but it is so wonderful to watch them progress and move forward positively in their lives, even when they're this small. :)

(Please ignore the massive moving mess in the background! :) )


kannie said...

So cute!!! She's really growing! And you're absolutely right that it's a bittersweet time... but you're still her #1! :-) And eventually, on the up-side, you'll be able to eat all the garlic & chocolate you can handle... ;-)

Nicole said...

how exciting! what a cutie pie! i can empathize with you. i just weaned johanna this week. she's moved on to better things, like sippy cups, but i've been missing that bonding with my baby!

chantilita said...

I'm back!!!! She's so beautiful!! Hooray! :)

Jason Calton said...

such beautiful children and what a good Daddy! I am so thankful for you guys , Great pictures of the baby!!!

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

How precious!! I love her little chubby arms :). Nothing is cuter than a chunky, healthy baby!!!!!! My baby still needs to beef up- He's tall and lanky. He's gotta grow into his skin still!

Loved the part when she grabs the spoon- kinda like she wants to feed herself! Too cute :)