Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nothing better to do

Today was a really long day. And I mean a REALLY. LONG. DAY. Good day, but long. It involved hitting snooze (never a good idea for me), trying madly to work out details for moving this weekend, rushing to a dr. appointment an hour away with four tired kids, one of whom was very sick, sitting in a 8x8 office with said children plus a doctor for almost two hours, saying good-bye to a doctor who has been a cherished friend to our family, seeing one of my dearest friends in the world and having to say good-bye to her, getting a haircut with four kids in tow, taking them to McDonald's for a reward for being so great all day, cleaning up after my 2-year-old threw up three times all over her siblings and their chicken nuggets, not to mention the rest of the restaurant, while being stared at by everyone else there, getting new medical equipment with all of the kids trying to wait patiently while their mother went through reams of paperwork, then piling them all into one of those enormous carts at walmart and wheeling them all around while waiting an hour and a half for prescriptions to be ready. Later it also involved eye drops and 32 ounces of laundry soap all over the floor. But let's stop there.

I got lots of "looks" today. One young man, who obviously spent more time on his hair and makeup (yes, makeup) today than I do all week, looked at me with all of my girls, turned to his friend, and swearing, said, "Look at all those kids. Doesn't she have anything better to do?"

No. I do not have anything better to do. Because there is nothing better that I could ever possibily do. Let my kids throw up in McDonalds and cry through the whole store. I wouldn't change it for a second. I may be tired at the end of the day, but my heart sings when they call me "mommy."

I'm an intelligent woman. I was valedictorian. I have a degree from a prestigious university where I was a first violin in the symphony orchestra and where I had the opportunity to lecture to hundreds of students and faculty alike. I am a yoga certified instructor with my own line of yoga videos. My job in college was writing a dictionary. But ask me what my best work is, what my greatest accomplishment is, and I will tell you without a moment's hesitation. My children. They are my greatest work, and they are what I live for and what I have waited all my life for. The best and highest honor and compliment I can give myself is summed up in four words:

I am a mother.


kannie said...

Oh. My. Word.

Wow - and we wonder who the ignoranuses are that are sending the country down the tubes? No, really, I guess we don't, LOL. They make themselves heard, commenting profanely on other people's children.


I would've cried. You are amazing.

And I feel bad, but I'm still chuckling in sympathy at your narrative... {:-)

[Second fun after-thought (since I thought better of posting my first one): maybe encouraging the girls to scream LOUDER would've been a fun response... ;-)]

Glad everyone's back home safe & sound. Love you ALL! :-)

chantilita said...

You are an amazing woman, Ann. I've always looked up to you, more than you know!!!! You have more moxie and determination than anyone I know.

It's tough, because you used to "take care of" all the kids who would pick on me, and I can't beat up the mean make-up boy for you (only for 2 reasons--distance and legality... lol not that the legality part would bother me much).

Just know that you're loved and inspiring!! I love you!!!! I'm so proud of you!!

Jason Calton said...

I am so glad that I know you and your family , Thank you for your uplifting posts. And yes you are correct...no matter the degree of intelligance the schooling or degrees , our children our ,our greatest achievement .

Annie Sunshine said...


Now wonder you wrote a dictionary as a job...I couldn't have said it any better. Sometimes when I get those looks, I really do want to hand them a resume and say "See I CHOSE this over all these other things, I am not here by default!"

(Although your resume sounds a bit more prestigious than mine...)

Tara and Dan said...

Yay!! Kudos to moms!!!!! Thank you for your inspiring post- you are a rock!

Nicole said...

i'm dying now to finally be caught by with you but don't have your new number... please email me asap! i'm dying to call!