Monday, November 24, 2008

Light Rail

Saturday we had a great day together as a family! We had a fun adventure of riding the light rail downtown to see where Daddy works. It was a great time. :)

Going across the walkway:

Waiting happily for the train:

(The baby was zonked most of the day, which is why she's not in too many pictures:)

On our way!

It wouldn't be Colorado without the buffalo...


chantilita said...

Cute!! :) Looks like a fun afternoon! :)

kannie said...

What a glorious adventure! :-) And light rail is awesome, although nothing compared with the beautiful kiddos! :-)

Tara and Dan said...

What a fun adventure!! It's so fun exploring new things- your kids will always have those memories!

Nicole said...

the love the photos... ann, you look so stylish! i would love tot talk to you sometime... it's been a little crazy here.