Friday, November 7, 2008

Miracles and Growth

I have been thinking a lot for a couple of months about miracles...I don't think I ever thought about them much in my earlier life. I used to think that miracles only really happened when Christ walked the earth. I have since learned, quite dramatically, to open my eyes. I have learned that our Father never ceased to be a God of was our faith that ceased.

I have also been thinking a lot about "fiery trials." Without going into a lot of personal things, Matt and I have been blessed so tremendously this past year, and also tried substantially. The past two weeks have been filled with trials, it seems, all of them heavy and difficult. But today I have been reflecting on the miracles that have been able to come about because of these trials, and I find my heart is filled with gratitude.

First was a trial that Matt had to go through, one that really challenged him. I found myself filled with pain and guilt, because I felt that I had brought the trial upon him. I had thought I had followed the spirit in what I had done, but what I had done had brought this trial to him. I was pained and prayed a great deal about it. Later, when Matt was blessed with a miracle in his own life, I was filled with peace and joy and realized that if he had not been undergoing that trial, we would never have been blessed to receive such peace and love, as well as faith and instruction from Heavenly Father. I find myself so grateful for that difficult experience.

Also this week, we have been struggling substantially with the health of one of our daughters. I have prayed and prayed for help, with her health and also with parenting her. The other night, her health got so bad that she needed a blessing. Matt gave her one, and the sweet, loving kindness of our Father in Heaven shone through that blessing. The words were truly miraculous...words that a 2-year-old could understand. Not only that, a struggling mother could understand them, as well, and I received the answers I was looking for as well, and was able to change what I was doing. In talking with my daughter late into the night after the blessing, I realized in those sacred moments that she now understood the love of her Father in Heaven and that He would help her, and also how He wanted her to act and be. What a miraculous experience, one that we never would have had if she had not been struggling so much.

There are many trials we are still undergoing, and I do not know yet how they will possibly work out. But I do know that they will work out. I am striving to walk into them with my heart filled with gratitude for our loving Father in Heaven who loves us enough that He wants for us to be able to grow, and that growth comes through struggle and faith. I hope I can go through them with a heart filled with faith and eyes open to the miracles that unfold.


Jason Calton said...

The struggles that seem to fill our days sometimes always seem so huge, until we place them upon the shoulders of Christ. I have too been faced with burdens that weigh heavy upon my spirituality, when I think of of the story of Job and him asking why? God says
" The Son of man hath descended below them all; art thou grater than He?" How true that is for me sometimes! I will pray that your burdens are lifted and wish you and your family all the best , I miss and love you guys deeply.

jerolyn said...

I wish I had your faith, but I will continue to work on that!
Good luck with everything!

Tara and Dan said...

Trials stink :(. But thank you for your posts of inspiration! They help me keep my own trials in perspective!