Friday, November 14, 2008

The Snow Day, Part 2

Okay, so as a child, I used to tell myself as I grumpily stood out in the cold, "Someday I'll homeschool so I can give my kids a snow day whenever I want to." No, that's not why I homeschool now, and no, we won't have a snow day every time it snows, but it was so fun to have the power to declare today a snow day!! :)

All ready to go out, and already the baby can barely contain her excitement...

Ah, the jubilation!

Though much fun was had by all, I don't think anyone loved it half as much as the littlest one. These pictures just say it all! :)

Love playing with our sisters!

The little Snow Bandit...right before she came in, she stuffed as much snow in her mouth as she could possibly fit.

Getting warm together by the fire, waiting for mom to make cocoa.


chantilita said...

How fun! :) Looks like you guys had a grand time!! What cuties! I love the "Snow Bandit" picture :)

Jason Calton said...

That's awesome ! The girls like there having so much fun. Great pictures!

The Arizona Richters said...

holy crud... snow?!?! The girls will be so green-eyed here!! They've wanted to make a proper snow man for almost two years now!! No chance of that here in 'ol Kingman!
I'm soo happy that your girls are having a marvelous and miraculous time albeit Im guessing greatly deserved after some sicknesses, eh?
I'm so happy that you're sounding happy and that Matts happy and the whole family is doing well in their new life!

Tara and Dan said...

ooh ooooooh! Can I come play???! Of course, the baby's face is how I look after about the 192nd snowfall of the year in Utah...