Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas from the Richmonds

Dear loved ones,

This year, we decided to conserve finances and time, we would do our Christmas card this way...hope no one minds! We love all of you and wish you the happiest Christmas you could have.

Those who read my blog are pretty familiar with our year, but here's a quick year-in-review of our blessings. :)

- With tremendous blessings and a lot of help from Matt, Ann's business, MommYoga, was finally launched! Also, we lived through the winter disease we all had.

February - Our 4th daughter, Eden Vianne was born. "Eden" was the most peaceful name I could imagine, and "Vianne" means "alive." For those of you familiar with the circumstances of her birth, you know that this name is very fitting. She has been a ray of light, joy, and peace in our lives. I don't know what any of us ever did without her!

March - Matt battled a horrible case of pneumonia, but we are blessed that he is just fine now!

April - Eden was blessed, and it was a beautiful day. Dad and Mom Richmond were able to be with us, and so was Mark. For me, it was such a peaceful day, and felt like a day of triumph over so much that we had been through. Also in April, MommYoga expanded onto! The success since we have been on Amazon has astounded every last one of us. We have been so blessed!

May - We got a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old! Party party! We are so grateful for both girls, and love them so very much. They both bring so much joy to our family. In May, we also participated in the Making Strides against Breast Cancer walk as a family. It was a wonderful experience...and thank you again to all those who sponsored us! This is a cause pretty dear to our hearts, so thank you. :) Also in May, our two oldest girls had their dance recital and did wonderfully!

June - Matt and I celebrated six years together! We have grown closer and happier this year than ever before. I cannot imagine what our lives would ever be like without each other.

July - We survived yet another Ohio summer by playing constantly in the pool our Richmond grandparents gave us. :) Also, we made a cross-country trek to attend the Ipson family reunion, which was especially fun because my little brother (who is now engaged to a lovely young woman) had just gotten home from his mission.

August - The Olympics weren't the only amazing thing in the world in was a month of substantial miracles for us. We have been blessed beyond anything we can comprehend. One of the amazing blessings of August was that Matt was offered an incredible job in Denver as a Web Developer. Also in August, our girls did wonderfully in the Primary Talent show. Saying good-bye to the primary in Ohio was very hard for me, and I love and miss them all very much! But life took a new turn and a new light for us after the blessings of August.

September - In September, our little family had to let go of our daddy for a time, as he ventured forth to Colorado to make a home for us! It was very difficult for us to be apart, but he thrived in Colorado, and the girls and I were blessed and comforted to be with dear loved ones, Matt's parents. Our time with them was filled with blessings, and we will always be grateful for that time we had with them before moving so far away.

October - October was a difficult month for me, as I was without Matt, but I was blessed more than I can express by the help of loved ones who were constantly helping me with everything that I needed. I will never be able to repay all that was done for me. Dad R. helped me get our house ready, and my little brother John came out to help us pack up and drive out to Colorado at the end of the month. It was very hard to say goodbye to family, friends, and "the Ohio," but it was miraculous to be together as a family again! We didn't mind at all eating on the floor till our things arrived!

November - Our little homeschool really started to take off as we got more and more settled in. It has been one of the greatest joys of my life to teach our children! We are very busy with 1st grade, kindergarten, and preschool! We are loving it! Also, we got a brand new, great big 4-year-old! We spent Thanksgiving with my family in Vernal, and it was a wonderful time of tea parties and fun. :)

December - Well, I don't know what else to say. There have been so many blessings this year, and we are so happy to be together, though many things have been difficult. Together as a family, we can make it through anything. In living through this past year, I can definitely say that we have lived! Our lives our very full. Our greatest blessing of all is our Savior, Who we love with everything we are, and try constantly to remember. We are so grateful for His restored Gospel, and try to live it every moment of our lives.

Merry Christmas! May your days be merry and bright. Ours certainly have been. :)


Nathan said...

Great to see you are doing well! Merry Christmas!

Peg said...

How wonderful to see you all again! Thanks for remembering us this Christmas and sharing those 4 little princesses with us. We all miss you! Hugs from the Allen's !

Jason Calton said...

Merry Christmas you guys!!!! We loveand miss you very much sots nice to see all the pics. I think this was a great card too! I am so glad you are all doing so well. Love you .

Chani said...

What a great idea! :) It's been nice to have you "so close" through the blogging universe :) It makes me feel like I get to peek in and see what's going on, even though you're 6 hours away! :) Love you!!

Nicole said...

merry christmas to you all! i loved the family christmas card. i'm so grateful your family is united again.

The Hughes' said...

Thanks for puting your letter on here! I have been thinking about doing the same, but haven't had time yet. We'll see if even happens this year! It was great to hear you are continuing to do well! Merry Christmas!

Tara and Dan said...

What a great recap! You guys sure had a jam-packed year! You have such a good memory... I can't even remember last week...