Friday, December 12, 2008

What do noses do?

(I'm cross-posting today, because this is just so funny!) :)

My first-grader has been learning in science about how the different body parts of humans and animals help them to find, obtain, and consume food.

Today we were learning about polar bears...the web cam watching, talking about how they live, what they eat, and then, what their different body parts do to help them find and consume their food. The conversation went like this:

Me: So what do their eyes do?
1st grader: They can see the seals a long ways away.
Me: Good. What do their claws do?
1st grader: Helps them hold onto the ice.
Me: And what else?
1st grader: They grab the food and tear it up.
Me: Yep. Their teeth?
1st grader: Chomp the food.
Me: And their noses?
1st grader: Make boogers.


Chani said...

I laughed so hard I hurt myself LOL :) Thanks for sharing!!!

Libby Olenslager said...

Oh my goodness that is hilarious!!! Well at least she knows noses have multiple uses! ;)

Liz said...

How cute!!!

Tara and Dan said...

Well it's true!!! Why DO we make boogers anyway??