Tuesday, January 27, 2009


"A" is for "Awesome!"

Our 5-year-old used to say "You're kidding!" to everything. Now it's "That's awesome!"

"Time for lunch." "That's awesome!"
"Math time." "Awesome! I am awesome at math."
"Go to bed." "Awesome! Wait....what?"

"B" is for "Birthday!"

Yesterday was Matt's birthday! Happy Birthday, Love!
I Love him with all my heart, day and night. We had a wonderful time celebrating our daddy!

"C" is for "Cookie!"

The girls wanted to make a cookie monster cake for daddy so badly! This is how it turned out...a bit melted and sad, but a fun little cookie monster nonetheless. :)


kannie said...

What a fun cake!!! (And a great way to have cake *and* cookies!!! ;-) And, I might add, AWESOME!!! :-)

Jason said...

Wonderful Cake! You are a lucky woman Ann Richmond !!! Matthew is the finest man I have ever met and I think the best friend I have ever had. Send my love and a birthday Hug.

Chantile said...

"Awesome!!" LOL no seriously, it's an awesome cake! :) I think you need to make a cake cookbook :)

Tara and Dan said...

Is Cookie Monster throwing up??? That's what happens when you eat too many cookies! That actually almost happened to me last night... lol :)

Tell matt i said he's getting old.

I was laughing at "awesome" because I'm pretty sure I just said, "that's awesome" in my last comment........ Maybe she learned it from me!!!