Sunday, January 11, 2009

Great big foot in an even bigger mouth

I teach a primary class of 8-9-year-0ld children. Mostly boys. I've been trying to build a rapport with them. I learned in primary long ago that if you give the children a minute to talk about their week right at the first, you can avoid a lot of difficulty throughout the lesson. :) Today, we were having their little moment to share, and I was happily commenting on each bit of news. Here's how the conversation went:

Boy 1: I had a basketball game this week! We won 38-10!

Me: Way to go!!! You really stomped that other team! How cool! I'm so happy for you!!...So, Boy #2, what about your week?

Boy 2: We were the team that they beat.

Yeah....we'll keep working on that rapport thing.


kannie said...

LOL!!! What are the odds? :-) I'm sure they'll both be fine, LOL... but that is so funny! You poor thing!!!

jerolyn said...

Try having those weekly talks with 4-5 years old, it's the same thing EVERY week(one cute little girl who was really shy, mentioned riding her bike, and helping her mom plant flowers-even in december- every week, she was so cute), and then they always talked about a trip they took several months earlier. Then they all have to talk about it for like 15 minuntes. But then again, less of a lesson for me to give! Not that they listened anyways! :)

Annie Sunshine said...

ha, ha...I'll have to share that in our primary teacher training meeting. That is too funny.

Jason Calton said...

too funny That sounds like something I would have done!!

Tara and Dan said...

DOH! *slaps forehead*

We've discovered the same technique with our 10 year olds. We spend the first 5 minutes going person to person letting them tell us about their week. They just get so excited to share :)

Nicole said...

that's hilarious! i used to teach that same class before i was called to YW!