Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A little slice of my morning...

Just so I can remember how wonderful my life really is :)

I thought I'd post just a little sliver of my morning today, just to show how fun our days are. :)

Me : What are you doing, girls?
Girls : Turning our tongues blue (while licking the birthday cake from yesterday).

Me: Now what are you doing?
Girls: Putting our stickers on the bike so it can look cool. (The trike wheels are now covered in little stickers, which it randomly leaves all over the carpet so the baby can eat them.)

Me: Are you eating your cheerios?
Child #2: No.
Me: Why not?
Child #2: It's boring.

And the best of all this morning:
Me: In bridge pose on my yoga mat, focusing on breathing and engaging.
Child #3: Rides her little tricycle right over my short hair, which pulls it.
Me: I laugh and ask her to drive just a little further from my head.
Child #3: In trying to turn away, tips over on her trike and it lands right on my head, with the pedal in my ear...how did that happen?
Me: Helps her get readjusted. Refocusing in another modification of bridge pose with one leg up in the air, head flat on the mat.
Child #4: As is common for her, she crawls on over and sits her diapered little bum right on my face.
Me: Still trying to focus and breathe, knowing she will move soon...I inhale the little squishy diaper...oh....wow...that's a poopy one. Wait...is my face getting damp???

Yoga was over pretty soon after that. :)

I wouldn't trade my life for anything. I can't wait for the rest of the day! (After I wash my face.)


kannie said...

LOL - I agree - Cheerios *are* boring! ;-)

And what else are stickers for, but decorating things they'll fall right off of, LOL? Hope your hair and yoga routine don't suffer too many ill effects going forward, LOL!!! :-)

Kirk said...

Thank heavens for being washable -- people, that is! :) (mantra to self: remember, it's just left-over food, it's just left-over food...) ;) What a hoot!
Love You All, stickers, poopy diapers, cookie monster cakes and ALL! :)


Jason said...

BORING that seems to be Cole's favorite word for anything he does not feel like doing. To bad about the hair and head but the tricycle sounds cool as it is even without sticker , I'm gonna get Chase one this summer, he'll probably eat the stickers too...he seems to eat everything else.LOL

Chantile said...

LOL you have poise and grace :) Something I wish I had! lol

Tara and Dan said...

Um, I was seriously just laughing out loud about the part when she sat on your face (I had to shhh myself because everyone else is asleep :). It was just her way of telling you she was ready to be changed!! lol :) you crack me up!