Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Little Wonders

The feelings of today called for more "Thankful Therapy." Today, there was no time for scrapbooking to remember. So today's thankful therapy involved a camera in my pocket, for every moment that touched me and made me grateful.

I am amazed. I am grateful. After a while, there seemed to be more moments than I could snap. Here are just a few. :)

I just had to add this one...#2 did this to her sister last night:

There's nothing like the comfort of mom and dad's bed. :)

Our little school room...every morning it greets us as though it's happy we're there, a safe sanctuary where we can learn and little minds can dream.

Ready to learn.

She's always got a smile for mommy.

Ready to start school, and I can't seem to locate #2, though I can hear her talking to herself. :) She was under her desk, dreaming away.

Remember making tents when you were young? I feel such joy when I see my children finding magical moments.

Making lunch with my sidekick.

(In more ways than one.)

Blessed am I.


matt said...

Thanks Ann, for posting that. Sometimes we all need those thankful therapies; even me today :o)

I Love you, and my girls :o)

Tom and Natalie said...

Your kids are so cute!