Monday, February 9, 2009

Numero Uno

I can't believe it! It's already been a whole year!

Our little "bugaboo" turned one this past weekend, and it was wonderful. What a year this has been! This has been probably the year of greatest growth that our family has ever had. How grateful I am for our tremendous blessings, one of the greatest of which is this little angel!

So happy...already she had plans for tearing off the words and eating them. She will eat anything.

See? Here she is, not 15 seconds later. Her name is gone, the words are askew, and she's eating paper. Yum.

Her butterfly cupcake cake. :)

She loves it! :)

She devoured her cake! We've never had a baby that actually ate the cake before. But she did! :)

All tuckered better place to sleep than on the bear from her daddy. Our family has a little tradition that there is always a special teddy bear from daddy on the first birthday. :)

We love you, sweetie!! Happy Birthday!! :) Thank you for coming to us.


jerolyn said...

She's so cute! I like the cake idea! I wish we could see your family more often. I haven't seen you since you got married. :(

Chantile said...

Looks like the perfect day!! :) How fun! You always have such good cake ideas!! :)

Libby Olenslager said...

Happy Birthday Eden! What a cutie! I loooove the butterfly cake! What a wonderful family you have! Love you!

Libby Olenslager said...
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Jessie Mae said...

Happy Birthday Eden. The cake was sweet!

Tara and Dan said...

The way she eats that cupcake- a girl after my own heart! Can't believe she's so big!!

Eating everything... that reminds me of turning around and catching spencer with a mouthful of mud today. I think he thought it was chocolate...