Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I'm a normal mom. I have a hard time being patient sometimes. Today we had the nap battle that you all understand...and I found myself being grumpy.

But once the girls fell asleep, I heard screaming outside. A child was screaming in absolute terror, and I went outside to see what was wrong. When I found the poor little boy, he was frozen to his spot because he was terrified. He was ten feet from his apartment, but too afraid to move because, as he put it, "I'm surrounded by wasps!"

My heart melted and I put my arms around him and ran him to his door. He thanked me through a very wet little face and a very runny little nose. I went back in to our home and, with a much softer heart, peeked in the bedroom at my own sleeping angels.

I felt tears of my own well up. What is it that goes to sleep inside me, that makes me forget how short childhood is and how precious they are? I should shower them with as much love as I can, all of the time, because I truly know how fragile and precious life is.

When they woke up, I did, too. I smiled and hugged and loved and kissed. I laughed and held them and did their doll's hair, instead of saying, "Maybe later."

Amazing. They're listening again.

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kannie said...

Oh, that poor little boy!!! How wonderful that you were able to help him! My heart's melting just reading about it... (these "mommy germs" never go away!)

And I've noticed that play = responsive thing, too - on the too-rare occasion that I take time to just play with Kiddo, he listens and obeys a LOT better... I'm improving, but it's still almost totally counter to my nature, LOL! I just have to keep reminding myself that a) it's fun, b) nothing else I'm doing is eternally threatening RIGHT NOW, and c) yeah, he totally obeys better when he gets "Mommy play time" during the day.

Way to act on reminders - thanks for sharing. :-)