Thursday, March 19, 2009

I always love you

I was tired today. It's been a busy week, and this was a rough morning. I was sad, and I was a bit grumpy. The kids started to act up, and I got pretty upset. I got too mad, and quickly regretted it.

I went to the girls and told them I was so sorry. I started to cry because I just felt so bad, and so frustrated inside today. Do you ever feel like there is no one who would really understand how you are feeling? I knew that if I prayed, there was One who would understand, but after being so grumpy at my girls, I didn't feel like I could honestly and worthily ask for help and understanding.

As I cried and tried to apologize to my girls, my 4-year-old quickly jumped up and ran to me and threw her arms around me, and said, "Oh, mommy! We forgive you! We just always love you."

I hugged her close and just breathed in her loving little soul. The girls all forgave me and hugged me, and I was taught such a lesson in those few moments. What astonishing truths we learn from our children. I felt such love and such compassion from my children, and through them, I felt it from the Lord, too. It was as though I could hear Him saying to me, "I forgive you. I just always love you."


Jason said...

moistened my eyes when I read it. I can honestly say that as my days go by, many of them are filled with similar experiences. I have often felt as you have mentioned " unforgivable " it reminds me of the poem entitled "Foot prints" when the man asks why He was not there when the man needed God the most , God explained that when the man only seen one set of foot prints it was because God was carrying the man when he was to weak to walk.... seems to be true in my life. Thank you you inspire me so much.

Tara and Dan said...

Yep, got moist eyes myself. You have taught your children so well :)