Saturday, March 28, 2009

If I were a Richmond...

My girls love Fiddler on the Roof. :) They think Tevye is a hoot, and they love to sing and dance like him...this involves much bum-shaking. :) But more on that later.

The other day, my two older girls were dancing and singing, and I overheard "If I were a Richmond!! La la la la la..."

I chuckled to myself and asked what they had said. "If I were a Richmond, mom. Our favorite song."

"Oh! That's nice....but I think he says, 'If I were a rich man.'"

"No. It's Richmond. I listened."

"Ah. Well, why do you think he is singing about wanting to be a Richmond?"

"Because, mom. Everyone wants to be a Richmond!"


I love being a Richmond, too!


kannie said...

ROTFLOL!!! That is TOOO cute!!! :-)

Chantile said...

LOL I almost fell out of my chair LOL ;) That's awesome!!! I can picture them singing (bum shaking included lol)

Tom and Natalie said...

That is so cute! Tom and I were laughing so hard!

Jason said...

I love it !!! That is so great I am laughing out load as I still think of it, No grandiosity from those girls...LOL I want to be a Richmond too! Speaking of which I seen Dad Richmond yesterday at the stake center.

Ryan and Evelyn said...

How cute!!! Such great stories--I'm sure it's great to be a Richmond :)

Tara and Dan said...

hahahahahhaah your new family theme song!!!