Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What is he doing to me??

When we were driving home from the wedding, I followed Matt, because we had taken two cars.

We had checked the weather. It was supposed to be good.

Smooth sailing.

Or so we had hoped.

But it was not. It was fine for the first while, but the weather over the mountains was very very bad, indeed. The roads were horrible, the wind was fierce, there was dense fog for a while, and the snow was very heavy. There were times when I literally could not see a thing. Just white.

I am neither a thrill-seeker nor a great snow-driver. So this weather was not for me.

Matt was so good to me and tried to stay safely in front of me. At one point, when the weather was starting to get pretty bad, Matt moved over into the middle lane. I followed him, but hated it. I get nervous being in the middle lane when there's much traffic on either side of me, and I really hate the middle lane on those high, snowy roads. As I struggled to maintain my composure (I was tired...the kids were wailing), I found myself saying, "What is he doing to me? I know he knows I am hating this."

But, I Love him and I trust him, so I stayed put. After a little while, I saw that the lane to the right of me ended very abruptly, and in that weather and all of that traffic, I would have had to make a very fast and tricky lane change on that high, stormy, windy road. It would have been difficult, dangerous, and I bet I would have hated that even more.

My husband, who knew what I didn't know about the road, was leading me in a safer way. And though I didn't like it at the time, I found myself feeling overwhelmed with gratitude and Love for a man who is always watching out for me.

So many things in our lives right now are things that we can't understand, and don't really like at times. They are things that we really wish would change, so that we could have an easier time. But though I may be tempted to wonder, "What is He doing to me??" I know that our little family is following a loving Father who, like Matt did, knows what's ahead, and that everything that we are going through right now is actually something we will be grateful for one day.

A few pictures of the beauty before it got bad:


jerolyn said...

At least you guys get snow!!!! I personally have no problem with driving in snow. But I've only had to do it once in awhile!
Loved the pictures of Chantiles wedding. I personally liked the one with Ty kissing her forehead for me that and the neck(between the neck and shoulder) are the best places to be kissed! :)

Ryan and Evelyn said...

So glad that you all were able to travel in the snow safely and Matt is such a wonderful and caring hubby! I am always scared driving in the snow too, so I am very relieved to hear that he was there to lead you to safety. The pics are beautiful though!

Tara and Dan said...

Oh, Ann. I love you so much! You always seem to know just what to say. Thanks for reminding me of things I need to hear :)

And, PS- I laughed out loud when I saw Tara Stewart DDS in your friends link. How did I miss that?

PSS- Yes, I'm trying to catch up and will probably leave a bazillion comments :) My new goal is to stay caught up and check blogs every day. I don't want to miss anything!