Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Left behind: Lots of tears

These guys are so together that they don't seem to leave things behind when they visit, like I always do, but I will tell you, they left behind lots of tears and loving hearts who miss them.

We had a wonderful visit from our Richmond parents this weekend. It was just incredible to be together with them again.

Pretending to be bumblebees with Grandma:

Licking the pollen out of the flowers:

We also got to meet some more of our wonderful family, who Dad hadn't seen in a very long time, and who Matt and I had never met, cousins Kent and Elizabeth, and their son, TJ.

Dad and Kent talking genealogy:

Me preaching to the choir about homeschooling:

I think our girls would be just thrilled if they could marry one of these guys. Too bad they're both related. :)

Mom sporting her really cute new look:

Grandpa, who can get any tooth through:
(Oh, please come back! These teeth are miserable!!)

What can I say? We love and miss you terribly! Thank you so much for coming!


Ryan and Evelyn said...

Looks like you all had a fun little family reunion! :)

Chantile said...

I want to learn how to be a bumblebee! :)

kannie said...

*sniffle* Yes, I don't know how they manage to actually keep everything with them, either, LOL - it's quite a talent! :-)

And that is so cool that Mom & the girls got to be bumblebees!!! :-) How cute!!! :-) You get the best pictures...

So did Elizabeth & Kent homeschool TJ? And Mom's hair was so cute! Love it! :-) (Maybe Dad can mail some of his "tooth-emerging juju" over to ya...)

Thanks for sharing such precious pictures!!! :-)