Monday, August 17, 2009

Why I Run

Many of you have been asking why it is that I have taken up running. This is why.

Please take just a few minutes to visit my page on the Congo, read a few articles about these women, and think about how you can help. Even a small donation could change a woman's life forever. It's worth it to me to sacrifice my time and energy to learn to run. It has been a very painful process, but one I am gladly doing, because I care very much about what is happening to these women. I want to help.

Thanks for taking a minute to learn more. :)


Jessie Mae said...

I'll have to look next paycheck and see what I can do :) It might not be much, but every little bit helps right? :)

Elaine said...

I wish I could have done more than the little donation I gave.
I thank you for doing this to help other women. You are a wonderful, sweet, kind soul. And I am honored to be your Aunt.

Jason said...

I have visited your magnificent site! I must say I was moved to tears over the poor woman of the congo. I love it and am so proud of you, what a great example of one of God's faithful servants. I am impressed by your compassion for others, thank you Ann

Tara and Dan said...

Thank you for your compassion, Ann. You are a true inspiration to us all! Love you!!!