Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sleepy Feet

The other day, the girls and I were driving home in the rain after what had been another long day for them in the car.

From the back, my oldest called to me, "Mom, my foot is asleep."

"Start to wiggle it around. It will help it wake up."

"No, I think I better just let it sleep. If it fell asleep in the car, it must really need the rest."


The Hughes' said...

I love hearing the way they think! That is so cute!!

Jessie Mae said...

That is too cute :)

Ryan and Evelyn said...

That is such a cute story! Love hearing your beautiful girls' stories. They are so very sweet and always makes me smile :)

Chantile said...

LOLOLOL :) That's awesome :)

Jason said...

that is absolutely too funny!