Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Do you ever get down?

Of course you do.

We all do.

I try so hard not to.  There are so many good things to do.  So much to be done.  So much light to feel and to give.

But some days, it just seems that everything builds up, that I keep making mistakes, that I keep bothering other people, that any number of things happen.

And on those days, it can be hard to keep trying.  It can be hard not to let the tears come to my eyes, and to not give in to the tiredness that I get so tempted to feel.  It can be easy to shut down, or to shut the rest of the world out and forget the good things that I am trying to do.

But tonight, after spending some time in Matt's warm arms and listening to his kind, loving voice, I realize again that my life is something special.  That all of our lives are.  And that days like today can't let us stop trying, or stop moving forward. 
"...but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before..." (Phil. 3:13)
I can't stop reaching forward.  Somehow, even on the darker days, I know there is light, hope, and a very bright future ahead.  I have something to give.  There is a reason I am here.

So I'll keep trying. :)


Rebecca said...

I've been feeling this way lately. I blame part of it on the weather; spring seems so close, and yet, so very far away. Some days it's hard to get motivated to do anything.

But I'm with you--I'll keep trying!

c h a n t i l e said...

"Tomorrow the sun will rise--who knows what the tide will bring?" Dad used to quote that to me that all the time, and he has know idea the amount of help it gave me!

You are doing so many good things Ann! I love you!!

Nicole said...

amen to that.

how is it that we're going through similar things. by the way, thanks for the email. i'd love to call sometime.

Eaton Family said...

I get tired and I only do a minuscule amount of what you do...I sure haven't known you very long but you're an inspiration to me!

Tara and Dan said...

Agreed!! Love you :)