Monday, February 8, 2010


Two years old.

When did that happen?

We had a lovely birthday with our new two-year-old yesterday. She is getting so big, and every day with her is a joy.

It seems that each day, and particularly birthday, with this little one reminds me of just how blessed we are, just how precious life is, and just how much we can do with the time we have been given. It's always a very poignant reminder to me of the massive difference in who I once was, and who I have been striving to become ever since she was born. I will forever be grateful for that.

She insisted on opening her presents with a bicycle helmet on her head. You never know what danger may lurk in a present... :)

Doing a happy dance because she got a Tinkerbell. :)

I made her a lady bug birthday cake, because she has somehow gained various insect-like names, such as "Buggy," "Bugs," and "Bugaboo." :)

Here is a little video of the candle-blowing and nearly-burnt fingers. :)

I'll love you and be grateful for you forever, my little Love. :) Happy birthday.


Libby Ipson said...

Oh my goodness what a cutie! Can you maybe pretty please email me all of your girls' birthdays? We always miss their actual birthday, and then the cards are like a week late. Haha

Rebecca said...

Happy birthday! She looks so excited for her special day.

I loved the cake--especially the candles on the antennae!

Jessie Mae said...

Ah! Happy Birthday! I feel so bad cause I had it in my phone to call, which I did, but didn't wish her happy birthday... She is so sweet. Love her

Bobby said...

that first photo NEEDS to be printed and up in your house... somewhere. that is beautiful!

i can't believe she is 2!!!!! i think she was a baby when you and I discovered each other again!!!! time has flown.

MariLouise said...

Oops, I didn't know! Happy birthday to Eden! We'll celebrate on Friday, how about that? :)

Debra Domenici said...

Wow, it's hard to believe that she is already two. What a cutie she is, just like all of your girls! So beautiful!

Like Libby, could you please send us your birthday's? The only one that we remember is Ash's thanks to Kenzie being born on her birthday!

Love you guys!

Tara and Dan said...

I can't believe she is TWO!!! I love the picture of her and Matt forehead to forehead :)