Monday, August 30, 2010


When I did the Run for Congo Women last September, I was just in awe of the women who had put it all together.  I knew that the organizer was a woman named Jen Parsons, but I didn't know who she was.  Turns out, I met her and didn't know it at the time.  :)  But imagine how thrilled I was when she visited my blog soon afterward!  Since then, we've become good friends, and today she wrote about me on her blog!

I'm a little giddy.  It's not often that someone you admire so tremendously writes about you.  :)  You can read her post here.  :)  (Please do, and pass it on!)


Ruth said...

It was a great interview! You are doing a wonderful thing! I love you! said...

The admiration is mutual my friend. Your passion is an inspiration to everyone who reads about it or see's it in your eyes. This is your moment, enjoy it!


Nicole said...

i loved the interview. it is getting closer!