Thursday, September 16, 2010


Our decision to homeschool often surprises people.

"Why?" I seem to hear, over and over.

Well, while they can think of a million reasons why I shouldn't, I have a million and one reasons why I do. 

But it isn't easy or perfect most of the time.  Lately, as I have been working so much on getting this event ready, I have struggled with a lot of inner frustration and guilt.  Though I still do activities with the girls while they're awake, my mind has had a difficult time being fully engaged.

And, we haven't started school yet this year.  GASP.

Don't worry, it's a conscious choice, but even though I really don't believe children need to be pounded so hard and for so long, I do get tempted to feel like perhaps I am not doing what I should be for them.

But today, I was reminded again of why we teach at home.

Today, instead of a regular school day, my girls helped me finish up with some things I've been working on for Yoga for Congo Women.  As we worked, we talked, and they understood again why it is so important to us.

And then there was this clear, clear moment...  I could see it in my daughter's eyes.  It clicked.  I could see it: the thought that "There's a problem, but I CAN do something about it.  And I will."

To go beyond facts and figures to power and understanding: that's why I want to teach them at home.  So that when they step out into the world, they are armed with the power, the knowledge, that they can change it, instead of sadly accepting it.  And they'll know that we each enter the world in our own way, and that they'll be able to find theirs.

Somehow, I know they will.  

PS - What's with the rice, you ask?  Want to know what we were making?  Come to Yoga for Congo Women on Saturday. :)  You'll love it.


c h a n t i l e said...

I know!! And I can't wait!! :)

Christine said...

Mom told me about it! Wow, Ann! You are something else!!! Good luck! Wish we could be there! said...

I think that is the most important lesson a child could learn from any teacher. They are very lucky! Can't wait for tomorrow!


Nicole said...

can't wait for you tomorrow!!!!

Rebecca said...

Good luck tomorrow! I'll be thinking about you!