Thursday, September 30, 2010


I am almost overwhelmed by all of the "meanwhile" that there is to share!  So much has been going on, in and amongst all of the glorious Yoga for Congo Women things. 

One of the most exciting is that this wee, chubby angel has now turned six months old.


She is such a light in my life.  I literally, truly, thank God for her, every moment she is with me.

Yes, I put my baby in a light tent.  I'm a mother in love.  I can't help it. :)

The eyes.  So soul-reaching.

Another exciting happening in our lives is the launch of our new business!  See us at our site or at etsy.  This is huge and important to me, and I'll tell you much more about it soon. :)

In and amongst other things, this wee one took her first bites.  Shame on her sweet little head for growing so darn fast. 

So much has happened, so much is on my mind. I will sort it all out soon. Meanwhile, I've relearned again today the huge importance of love and loved ones in our lives.

More soon. :)


Kirk said...

I'm very taken with the gentle beauty of your daughters - every one of them is lovely, and what a wonderful talent you have for sharing that!

Jessie Mae said...

She is sure a beautiful baby :) Love you all.

Ruth said...

She is beautiful and your pictures show it!

c h a n t i l e said...

Mmm.. Think I need a light tent :)

Anonymous said...

She's a doll (they all are), I see a work wallpaper here :) said...

WOW! Another huge project! You are amazing! I promise! I feel like a total slacker now...thanks for that! lol.

I will answer your email soon...not to worry...just haven't had time yet!


Debra Domenici said...

She is beautiful! Just like all of your girls are.