Sunday, September 12, 2010

The weekend

The weekend always means...daddy.

Sweet, sweet, daddy, much adored by the many women of our home.  :)

"You soak-ed, Daddy?" :)


This weekend has also meant a nasty stomach bug for me...but let's not think about that.  Thank goodness it didn't hit me next weekend.  Tender mercies. :)

Because next weekend is for them.  I can't wait.  See you there?  :)


c h a n t i l e said...

See you there!! Brandy and I can't wait!! :)

Nicole said...

i really hope you get better soon!!! we'll send prayers your way!!

Jessie Mae said...

So cute! :) said...

Ah...sorry about the stomach bug. I am grateful it wasn't next weekend too! Am so looking forward to it and will try to bring my yoga friends!

Hope you feel better soon, and my daughter is often wearing that same shirt to bed these days!


Elaine said...

Hope you get feeling better soon, my beautiful and awesome niece! I love you! You are these Congo Women's tender mercy.